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Why Impact Windows?


What are Florida Impact Hurricane Windows and Doors?

The 5 benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows:

  • Adds Value - Impact glass windows ADDS value to your home! Our studies have shown that with the proper installation the value of these windows add value to your home beyond what you paid for them. On average they yield a 135% return on investment. This means that if you spend $10,000 on new hurricane impact windows you add value to your home of $13,500.
  • Burglar Resistant - These windows should also be called Burglar Resistant Windows. You can shoot a 2x4 wood beam at 34 mph straight at one of these windows and the glass will not break. It is a major deterent to burlars and vandals and thieves AND hurricanes!
  • Noise reduction - One of the advantages of having an Impact Window installed is that it reduces outside noise by 50%. That is an enourmous amount of sound reduction. Let's put this into perspective. A busy noisy street is measured at around 80db. A quiet room is measured at around 40db. This means that putting a hurricane impact window between you and a noisy street will turn a noisy street into a quiet room.
  • UV Glass Protection - The glass that is built into these type of windows is laminated with a coating that blocks 98% of harmful UV radiation. Though this UV radiation is responsible for giving you a tan it is also responsible for fading your rugs, furniture and artwork. These windows will effectively block all of it.


why hurricane windows and doors
why hurricane windows and doors

  • The Most Important Reason for Installing Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows and Doors - Because of Hurricanes!! You need state of the art latest technology windows and doors to protect your home. These windows can take serious impact from flying objects. They can insulate the home, keep your home quiet and save you an money on cooling costs. You'll save on homeowners insurance and electric bills which offsets the cost of the home improvement. These hurricane impact windows are designed to protect against the devistating effects of high winds. If your glass breaks during a hurricane it will create an instant pressure differential from outside to inside. Your house becomes like a balloon and starts to increase in pressure on the inside very rapidly. There is great possiblilty that your roof can blow off! See this Bob Vila video on impact glass.

About our Window Installers

Our team has been in the home improvements business for over 25 years. We now focus on and have become the best in two areas which is hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors. We are not about price but rather about value. You will recieve the very best product for you money and you can finance with no money down. Be sure to make an appointment for someone to come to your home and show you our products with no pressure and no obligation.

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Florida Impact Windows and Doors covers all of South Florida and some of North Florida including Miami - Dade County, Palm Beach County, Broward County, Collier County, Monroe County

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Whether you own a home, condominium or commercial property our sales team comes to you with our hurricane impact window samples. The demonstration takes about an hour and by its completion we guarantee you will be impressed with our product. Make and appointment today by filling out the form on this webpage.