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What are Impact Windows...

Impact windows are made with laminated glass. It usually consists of a resin sandwiched between two layers of glass. This allows the glass to withstand pressure before breaking. In a hurricane or category 5 storm there will be objects flying around.

High-impact glass, also known as laminated glass, consists of two glass sheets with a layer of PVB or resin in between. This structure allows the glass to withstand pressure, making breakage less likely. Unlike regular glass, which shatters into long shards, broken laminated glass stays in its frame. Commonly used in vehicles, high-impact glass can also be used in homes for safety, security, sound reduction and UV control.

About our Window Installers

Our team has been in the home improvements business for over 25 years. We now focus on and have become the best in two areas which is hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors. We are not about price but rather about value. You will recieve the very best product for you money and you can finance with no money down. Be sure to make an appointment for someone to come to your home and show you our products with no pressure and no obligation.

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Florida Impact Windows and Doors covers all of South Florida and some of North Florida including Miami - Dade County, Palm Beach County, Broward County, Collier County, Monroe County

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Whether you own a home, condominium or commercial property our sales team comes to you with our hurricane impact window samples. The demonstration takes about an hour and by its completion we guarantee you will be impressed with our product. Make and appointment today by filling out the form on this webpage.